How To Stake And Earn With In-Wallet Staking

You can even choose between standard and liquid staking.

Let's first run through the benefits of staking with Meteor Wallet.

Standard Staking

  • You can earn staking rewards of up to ~10% APY.

  • You can compare & select your best options from 90+ validators & pools.

  • Have a preferred validator? Simply scan the list & choose your favoured pool.

  • You'll see your estimated earnings if locking for 7, 30 or 90 days.

Liquid Staking

Or choose liquid staking & maximise your capital efficiency.

Thanks to our partnership with Meta Pool, we're delighted to offer seamless liquid staking.

Find out more about liquid staking and how to do it on Meteor.

How To Standard Stake

Click the 'Stake' button from your wallet home page or visit in the web wallet.

From the Staking home page, select Standard Staking.

Then select Create New Staking. You'll see any currently staked validators. Please note, if you've recently staked, it will take ~1 minute to display your newly staked validator.

You enter the amount of NEAR you wish to be staked.

You'll see the real-time USD value below.

The next step is to select your Validator/Pool from the drop down.

You'll see each validator and their estimated APY, reward token and the total NEAR staked.

Let's choose the top one for Aurora.

You can select different timescales, 7, 30 and 365 days to see how the estimated earnings will vary.

Click the Stake button. You'll see a confirmation pop up.

Click Confirm if you're happy.

You'll see a staked successfully message and your new staked validator.

You now have the option to unstake, stake more or claim your reward.

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