What Is Liquid Staking and How To Do It

Stake Near. Receive stNEAR to simultaneously accrue staking rewards and unlock liquidity to participate in DeFi activities on NEAR and Aurora

It's super simple to liquid stake your NEAR with Meteor Wallet through our partnership with Meta Pool.

Click the 'Stake' button from your wallet home page or visit https://wallet.meteorwallet.app/wallet/deposit in the web wallet.

From the Staking home page, select Liquid Staking.

You'll then see an option to Create New Staking, and any currently staked validators. In this case you can see one staked validator for this wallet.

Select Create New Staking.

You enter the amount of NEAR you would like to stake.

You'll see real-time the resulting stNEAR along with key details including APY, unstake fee and unlock period.

Click Stake if you're happy. You'll see a summary screen to review your staking. Click Confirm.

A pop up to confirm you have liquid staked successfully will appear, congratulations!

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