How To Make The Most Of Our Useful NFT Features

These include NFTs organised into collections including floor price and total floor for each collection.

You can view NFT traits and attributes, send NFTs to any wallet or set your Meteor Profile PFP to an NFT in your collection.

Let's walk you through all the features.

Firstly, let's head over to the NFT section by clicking the NFT menu icon (2nd from the left).

This shows the number of total NFTs in your wallet and in real-time, the current floor value of all your NFTs.

If you’re waiting for an incoming NFT that has been sent to you, or perhaps purchased from a marketplace, simply click ‘Refresh’

You’ll find your NFTs grouped into separate collections with the total number of each displayed.

If you click a collection you’ll be presented with all the NFTs within.

You will be able to view the NFT contract address, the current floor price and the total floor price of all your NFTs in this particular collection.

If you click on a particular NFT, you will be able to see the #, the collection description and most importantly, properties related to traits and attributes.

It’s from here that you are able to send NFTs to another wallet.

Click the NFT you wish to send and you'll be prompted to enter the destination wallet.

You'll then have a confirmation screen where you can double check the address is correct.

We'll also tell you whether the wallet address is active.

Click Send and you'll see confirmation screen with transaction ID.

That's it! You've sent an NFT through Meteor Wallet.

Last but not least let's show you how to set your Meteor Profile PFP from an NFT in your collection.

Simply head to your favoured NFT and click the Set PFP button.

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